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Corey Schuler, the founder of TheTermLifeShop.com and Schuler Insurance Services, is an independent life and health insurance broker with a passion for protecting families. She has been in the financial services industry since 2002, providing clients with unbiased and practical solutions for their life and health insurance needs. When she’s not helping clients, dealing with underwriters, or blogging about life and health insurance, you can find her spending time with her husband, three kids, and their cat.  Thank you for visiting and considering Schuler Insurance Services. Corey and her team would be honored to help protect your family’s financial future, as your personal insurance agent.

At Schuler Insurance Service we specialize in providing a wide variety of Life & Health Insurance Products, including:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance
  • Own Occupation Disability Insurance
  • Affordable Care Act Health Insurance (Obamacare)
  • Short Term Health Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke Insurance

As an independent life & health insurance brokerage, we impartially shop your specific needs for affordable insurance provided by the most respected insurance companies.

When you request a quote, we work hard to match your specific situation to the right product and company. Our goal is to always listen to your needs and find you the most coverage at the lowest possible price.


Term life insurance provides protection for a specific period of time or “term” and it is designed for temporary circumstances.  For example, you may need coverage until your children graduate from college, or until your mortgage is paid off, or until you reach retirement.

Typically people chose terms ranging between 20 and 30 years.  Most term policies also include a special feature where you have the ability to convert your policy to a permanent one.  This can be especially useful if your need for the coverage does not disappear when the term ends, or if you have recently had a change in health status and you are no longer able to qualify medically for a new policy.


Permanent life insurance offers lifelong coverage, and you can accumulate cash value on a tax deferred basis.  You can access these funds through a policy loan to supplement your retirement, or pay for your daughter’s wedding.  The downside is that initial premiums are significantly higher than what you would pay for a term policy with the same face amount.

Permanent life insurance falls into two main categories.  Whole life is the simplest and most common option.  Premiums remain the same for life, and the death benefit and the rate of return on your cash value are guaranteed.

Universal life offers the flexibility of varying the amount of your premium payments.  It also offers the certainty of a guaranteed minimum death benefit as long as long as your premiums are sufficient to sustain it.  If you do not maintain those minimum premiums, your death benefit can be reduced.


Own Occupation Disability insurance is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of a solid financial plan for medical professionals. According to the US Social Security Administration, the odds of becoming disabled due to accident or illness for todays 20-year olds is 1 out of 4, before they hit retirement age. That’s a shocking statistic! We purchase insurance for our cars and home, but often we forget about protecting our income.

Some of the main reasons an individual disability insurance policy is attractive to medical professionals include: it can help cover a larger portion of your salary than long term disability insurance, it provides you with rax free benefits if you pay the premiums, and it protects additional income sources such as incentives, commissions,and bonuses. Most importantly, it will help you avoid tapping into your savings to pay for your living expenses or fund your lifestyle.

If your family depends on your income, and you still have retirement and college savings goals to meet, then we urge you to discuss adding disability insurance to your protection portfolio. We can structure a custom plan for you that fits within your budget and circumstances.

ACA Health Insurance aka “Obamacare”

The Affordable Care Act or ACA is a healthcare reform law that was enacted back in 2010 to help more American’s have access to affordable, quality health insurance coverage. The law also assists individuals who fall between 100% to 400% of the federal poverty limit (FPL) with subsidies to help pay for the insurance premiums. For plan year 2022, 89% of enrollees in marketplace coverage qualified for subsidies, also known as advance premium tax credits. And even better yet, these plans cover pre-exisiting conditions! These health insurance plans cover the 10 essential benefits which is considered major medical coverage.

Short Term Health Insurance

For those who do not wish to participate in the Marketplace ACA plans, or if you find them to be unaffordable, there are still options. Many individuals who are between jobs and do not want to purchase COBRA due the high cost, often find short term medical plans to be a viable option. Also, retirees that are not yet Medicare age find short term plans to be a good bridge between coverages. College students that need health coverage would also be a good fit for such a plan.

Dental Insurance

Quality dental care is an important facet to one’s overall health. Like employer group benefit plans that offer dental coverage, you can select the plan that is right for your budget and level of coverage that you need. We offer dental insurance plans that cover preventative, basic and major services. Plan offerings vary by state.

Vision Insurance

All of our vision plans offer next day coverage, no waiting periods, and no enrollment fees. Vision networks include EyeMed Access and VSP Choice Networks. Plan designs may vary by state. Visit our link to get pricing and to enroll today.

Cancer & Heart Attack or Stroke Insurance

An often overlooked area of one’s risk portfolio would be the risk of contracting cancer, heart attack, or a stroke. We offer plans that pay benefits directly to you, or a medical provider that you designate, and are paid in addition to any other health care coverage you already have. Often these plans are used to help offset the cost of deductibles, co-pays, and unexpected costs not covered by other insurance plans. With the cost of healthcare related to these diseases on the rise, it is wise to look into a plan that pays benefits when the diagnosis hits home.

Experience You Can Trust

With over 19 years of experience, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. It is our mission to listen to our clients needs, and to offer protection based solutions that make sense for their unique situation. Fill out the form on the right, or give us a call to receive immediate assistance.

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Tarius Holt
Tarius Holt
Corey is the best. Super knowledgeable, and prompt with follow up. She guided me every step of the way and kept me in the loop as my application was in process. I even made a few last minute changes and she saw it through with no hiccups.
ayan roy
ayan roy
Excellent service with the best quote in the market. very much recommended.
Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels
Corey was excellent to work with from start to finish. Thoroughly explaining the entire process with great communication every step of the way. Never pushy or suggesting items/coverage I did not want. Very professional and would highly recommend.
Patrick Rickert
Patrick Rickert
Incredibly easy to work with and always timely with communications. Corey made the life insurance buying process a breeze. Thank you for your help throughout the process.
Kelsey McHugh
Kelsey McHugh
Corey was so easy to work with - knowledgeable, efficient, timely in follow up! Couldn't have had a better experience securing life insurance!
Elizabeth Arthur
Elizabeth Arthur
I can only sing praises about working with Corey. She was always available to answer any questions and made our life insurance process so seamless. Thank you Schuler Insurance Services.
Shankar Baskar
Shankar Baskar
Great working with Corey and her group.
Edwin Chu
Edwin Chu
Corey was great. This is the second time I have used Corey and each time, she has made the process understandable, informative, and pretty fast. She is prompt at answering any questions and gives advice but does not steer you to any one product. I would recommend her to anyone who needs life or disability insurance and who is unfamiliar with the process.